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Installment Loans Online

Applying for an installment loan online is very easy. Solutions By Cash makes the process fast with a simple instant application where you provide personal information, bank account details, employment, email, phone number, and other basic information to tell us about you. Our form is short and approval is prompt. We keep all your information safe and secure with encryption technology. Apply online for your installment loan to fulfill your loan needs.

Simple Personal Loan Solutions

Your life doesn’t follow the payment of your paychecks nor your schedule. Your dryer goes out, brakes go bad on your car, or a family emergency places an immediate burden on your family, you must find a way to fill in the gap until you make other arrangements. Let Solutions By Cash give you a flexible payment schedule that will help you budget the pay back of your installment loan. Our loans are better than Payday! Apply today for a quick decision.

Consumer Rights Coalition

Solutions By Cash is a proponent of providing value. We encourage you to visit the Consumer Rights Coalition (CRC) website. CRC is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization whose members benefit from, and see value in, short-term, personal loans like those offered by Solutions By Cash. As you educate yourself about these types of loans, CRC's members offer a valuable resource. CRC is a recommended resource.

  • Exceed 200,000 strong
  • Reside in every state in the nation
  • Actively engage members of Congress to protect their right to short-term personal loans, writing letters and signing petitions

Solutions By Cash Lending

Installment lending (short-term lending) is a great alternative-financing model compared to other options. Traditional loan amounts will vary upon applicants but expect your first loan amount to be less than $700. Solutions By Cash will gladly work with you for greater loan amounts once you've established a track record of paying timely and etc. Sometimes your situation changes and can comfortably afford a higher loan amount. In either situation, short term lending allows you the ability to properly budget for life's unexpected expenses that may arise. Always strive to pay your loan off quickly and within reason.